LMSF-9 Air cooler

LMSF-9 Air cooler


Solar Rechargeable Air cooler fan
Timer from 1 – 12 Hours device
Long life water pump



High-density water circulating curtain cooling *Voltage: AC110V~240V,50Hz/60Hz, DC12V
•8L water tank & 10Meter Remote Control
•25W in 3pcs motors control wind, oscillating, cooling
•Three Air Speed: High / Medium / Low
•Two Air Mode: Natural / Sleeping / Low
•120degree left & right, up & down wind-supplying
•Negative ion air purification and UV germicidal lamps
•Oxygen Bar with Negative Ionizer
•Timer from 1 – 12 Hours device
•one minute digital screen self-protection
•2PCS Rechargeable battery built in the fan
•Long life water pump  •Automatic emergency fan during power failure
•AC & DC automatic conversion and workable
•Overcharge and over discharge protection
•The fan works continuously 3-5hours when the power fails
•Option function:Car Charger, Mobile Charger on extra charge


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