1000 watt pure sine wave

1000 watt pure sine wave


Excellent for powering home appliances directly from your 12V battery, this inverter will supply stable power to run small electronic tools, air pumps, electronic doors, small motors and refrigerators that a modified sine wave inverter cannot.



  • Connects to a 12 volt battery and converts DC to AC pure sine wave for power on the go
  • Ideal for power failure emergencies and guarantees optimum compatibility with sensitive equipment, computers, motors, televisions and more
  • 2000 Watts surge power, 1000 continuous power
  • Safety features include: an overload alarm and LED light, a soft start system, low battery shut down, DC input overload voltage, output overload, overload temperature, short circuit shut down, and a high speed cooling fan
  • System includes: two 110V household electrical outlets, a DC/AC power inverter remote control modular connector cable and key chain remote


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